Friday 27th February 1987

The convoy was out again 12th – 19th February. I stopped it by myself on the way back by walking in front of it. Extremely empowering!  It is expected out again on 4th March, although this isn’t definite.

I’ve been staying at Orange for the last two and a half weeks. I feel damned guilty for not being there now as I left leaving only Angie. It has been good staying there as she is a very interesting and different person to talk to and listen to. Janice has been there most of the time, and Chris, Di and Dina at times. Things haven’t exactly been quiet. We went to Welford at the weekend (I car sat) and an American serviceman tried to kill the four women who went in, on the way out, and was then seen hanging around Orange at a point when there were only three of us there!

I was extremely violently evicted on Tuesday and I have temporarily lost my nerve! I also lot my tent, bedding and belongings until Thursday afternoon. We had a peace camp in the Council offices – complete with eviction and painted and superglued the muncher and put sugar and ping pong balls in the petrol tank ha! ha! ha!

I am now getting locals (and others) to write and complain for me! The muncher was still out of action this morning – the bailiffs were in a foul mood tho! They took Lorna’s tent when she wasn’t looking at Yellow.’

Post script – I forgot to say Yoko Ono came for the day on her birthday – 18th February. She has since given us £5000 and another woman – something to do with Rolling Stone – another £1000!!! I met Sarah out of prison too a fortnight ago – at long last. No-one is in now.’

Friday 6th March 1987

The convoy came out Tuesday/Wednesday as predicted. I stopped it for about ten seconds then was dragged off by two policemen. They knocked my specs off and they were run over by four launchers, two control vehicles and a launcher cab (Reo missed) end of glasses!!! I was/am upset by the loss and three weeks to get a new pair. Loads of people are doing stuff about ‘my’ eviction, hurray!!!