Independence Day 1989

Billy Graham was preaching in London (at Wembley?) with a live satellite link up to different venues around the UK.  One of these was USAF Greenham Common.

‘Me, Kay and Susan walked all the way to Rainbow Gate then the MoD said we wouldn’t be allowed in as Yellow Gate had caused so much trouble during the week. The Vicar of Burghclere came out (who was organising) and spoke to us. I know that we convinced him that we wouldn’t be disruptive, but he wouldn’t let us in, although the MoD told him that we would do what we said (spit!) 

Anyhow Liza Red was really wound up so me and her walked in through the gate and right into the hall without anyone stopping us. Cath walked in later with a police escort. It’s a shame Kay didn’t get in. I walked back with her. Loads of women from Blue and Violet had turned up by the time we got out, so everyone else who was left went back with them. Kay had ‘Pass God another Warhead’ painted on the back of her coat. I had a white vest with ‘Thou shalt not kill – God.’ on it. ‘