I once counted that I had been sent to prison, as opposed to being held overnight in Police Cells some nine times.  This includes being held on remand (when I was subsequently found not guilty).  I have written about life in Prison, Holloway and Bullwood Hall, extensively in 'Righteous Anger' so will not repeat that here.  You can buy the book or borrow it from the library!  This website is a virtual filing cabinet of the bits and pieces that I still have from those days so far from complete.  When I moved into lodgings in Bristol in 1987 I took all my possessions with me from the back of the van in my rucksack and cycle panniers on the train.  I also had books and other things stored at my mum's house in a wooden box the size of a large coffee table.  So if I kept something it must have been important to me.

I will add to this section in the weeks and months to come.  Juley , March 2017.